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*Good Bye and Thank You*

My time at Hanao Junior High School has come to an end. I had a wonderful 1 year and 3 months. I am very sad to be leaving but will except this new challenge(Katsuki) with all my might. I can honestly say that Hanao had some of the best students and teachers I have taught and worked with in my 8 years in Japan. My plan was to stay at Hanao for another 2 years maybe 3 but that has been cut short by...

♪Lesson of the Chimneypot♪

   お家で気軽にセルフケアー*アロマトリートメント         ご自分のケアーはもちろん、ご家族 お友達に   心のこもったハンドタッチアロマトリートメントをプレゼント出来ますよ♪ 肩こり 頭痛 腰痛 風邪の引き始め ストレス 不眠 むくみ などなど、、  7月11日 月曜日AM11:00~PM15:00(ご都合のよいお時間帯にご予約下さい)        場所:CHIMNEYPOT レンタルスペース        ...




botanical life

Author:botanical life
I have lived and visited many countries around the world and feel like I have gotten a certain power from studying about the nature and cultures of those countries.

The mind, body and spirit are the three things that define us as human beings and these three things are very important to me.
My natural life has two very important parts, my American husband and my beautiful Shih Tzu Lily.